2016 Bond Information

Bond Update - End of Summer 2018

Summer 2018 was another big bond construction blitz for the Athena-Weston School District. This summer, we have been working very hard to prepare our schools for the arrival of our students. I want to recognize everyone for their focus and commitment in organizing and preparing the many tasks that require attention during the summer months. Contractors have been working non-stop to complete projects for the start of school. A big thank you to our custodial staff who have worked nonstop to clean furniture, bring in supplies, shampoo carpets, haul trash, and much, much more. Weston Middle School will continue to work up until the start of school. Please note the following district upgrades:

Weston Middle School

  1. New energy efficiency lighting throughout Weston Middle School
  2. Security: entry doors, cameras, alarms systems
  3. Bus drop off/ and parent pick-up zone upgrades
  4. Front office security remodel
  5. Technology infrastructure upgrades
  6. ADA upgrades including a lift to reach upper floors
  7. New boiler
  8. New sidewalks
  9. Asbestos removal

Athena Elementary School

  1. Windows at Athena Elementary
  2. Crosswalk and parking lot expansion

Weston McEwen High School

  1. Sidewalk expansion
  2. Locker room completion

The bond work will continue to push forward right up to our start day and clearly some items will be ongoing as we move into September. We are thankful for the bond upgrades for our schools.

Yours for kids, Laure Quaresma, Superintendent

Bond Update - End of Summer 2017

We have been given the green light to move back into our buildings and we are excited to share the results of the summer bond construction blitz. While the work is substantially complete, you will continue to see work being done at both the high school and the elementary school. Phase I safety work included safety lighting, cameras, fencing, roofing and secure entry and fire doors. The entry doors are programmed to be locked with all visitors and/or late students required to check in at the office vestibule for secure entry.

Additional improvements include the addition of air conditioning at the elementary and in the high school gymnasium. The tennis courts continue to be a work in progress and are slated to be state of the art. The girls’ locker room has been overhauled to include privacy showers and there are two new bathrooms in the gymnasium lobby. The elementary school received a face lift with new carpeting and some window and door replacements including the replacement of skylights.

Student safety remains a priority for the bond work moving forward into phase II slated for next summer at Weston Middle School. Thank you for supporting the bond and please join us in celebrating the improvements completed this summer.

Bond Update – Summer Blitz 2017

The bond projects for summer 2017 are moving at a rapid pace.  Athena Elementary and Weston-McEwen High schools have been fenced off as large projects are underway.  Please be reminded that the schools are a construction zone and dangerous.  Help us keep kids safe and away from the school grounds this summer.  Everything is on schedule for our return in August.

Athena Elementary: Summer Construction Blitz

  1. Removal of old cement roofing tiles – new roofing and skylights
  2. Air conditioning being installed throughout the building
  3. Security entrance, new security locks, security cameras installed
  4. Old carpet removed and replaced

Weston McEwen High School:  Summer Construction Blitz

  1. Demolition of girl’s locker rooms completed – rebuild in progress
  2. Demolition and rebuild of greenhouse in progress
  3. Security entrance, new security locks, security cameras installed
  4. Removal of gymnasium roofing– new roofing begun
  5. Security doors installed
  6. Tennis court demolition – new court construction in progress

Bond Update - Spring 2017

The 2016 School Bond is in full swing and moving ahead at a fast pace. Last summer, a Request for Proposal was sent out and BBT Architects of Bend was selected to do all of the remodel and upgrades to Athena Elementary, Weston Middle School, and Weston McEwen High School. Kirby Nagelhout Construction was selected to be the Construction Management General Contractor who will be in charge of the construction upgrades.

The school projects are broken into two summers of work. The summer of 2017 will see upgrades to Athena Elementary and Weston McEwen High Schools including roofing, mechanical systems, security systems and entrances, locker rooms, tennis courts and additional finishes. The summer of 2018 will see upgrades at Weston Middle School for the new bus drop off, roofing, mechanical systems and security systems.

The Architects and Engineers have just recently completed the Schematic Design phase of the drawings for the 2017 summer work and have presented them to the Core Team for budgeting. The complete set of Architectural and Engineering drawings are scheduled to be completed by the end of February for sub-contractor bids.

Three new school buses have been ordered and we should see them ready for use by Spring break. 

Exciting times for Athena-Weston students thanks to outstanding community support.  

Bond History & Overview

On May 17, 2016, voters in the Athena-Weston School District were asked to vote on a $4 million dollar General Obligation Bond for the Athena-Weston School District. The bond measure passed and AWSD also received a matching grant of $4 million dollars from the State of Oregon, bringing the total amount to $8 million dollars for the district.

Based on input from administrators, district staff and the community, the district has identified these KEY AREAS for bond projects:

  1. School Security & Student Safety
  2. Maintenance & Renovations
  3. Energy Savings Upgrades
  4. Bus Replacement
  5. Technology Infrastructure Upgrade

This video will provide information and an overview of the bond and proposed projects.

If approved, funds would be used for improvements to school security & student/staff safety, maintenance & renovations, energy savings upgrades, bus replacement, and technology infrastructure upgrades.