Cost of the Bond

Current Bond

The current 10-year bond that was passed in November 2005 expires in June 2016. That bond was for $2 million and its rate is $1.01 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Proposed Bond

November 2005 - 10 year bond passed
$2 Million
$1.01 p/$1,000
May 17, 2016 - New Bond
$4 Million
If Passed
Difference: + $0.44 p/$1,000

If the new bond passes in May, the rate will be $1.45 per $1,000 of assessed property value and the length of the bond is 10 years. This is an increase of $0.44 cents. 

Example: for a $150,000 home, a taxpayer would pay $18.13 per month under the proposed new bond.

Regional Rate Comparison

Even at this rate, the Athena-Weston school bond will continue to be one of the lowest rates of current school district bonds in eastern Oregon.

2016 Levy Rates in Our Region (in dollars per thousand)

Hermiston School District $4.09 Click to view PDF
Helix School District $3.42
Umatilla School District $2.53
Pendleton School District
(Local Option - $0.40)
Echo School District $2.21
Imbler School District $2.13
Pilot Rock School District $2.04
La Grande School District $1.91
Stanfield School District $1.83