AWSD - Results of Testing for Lead in Water

Water Drop

The Athena-Weston School District conducted comprehensive lead testing to ensure safe drinking water for our students and staff.  The report findings identified three sources indicating levels that needed additional testing and potential action.  Concerning these results, immediate action was taken as follows:

- Removed unused locker room fountain at Athena Elementary

- Replaced sink faucet in the Weston Kitchen and re-tested

- Replaced and retested sink faucet in concession stand at Weston-McEwen High School

All three identified testing sites have been addressed and re-tested.

I would like to commend our Facilities team for their proactive attention and keeping the safety of our students the highest priority. 

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 541-566-3581.

Yours for Kids, Laure Quaresma

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