Bus Loading Zone Reminder

School Bus Loading Zone Sign

We would like to remind parents and the community to not park in the the bus loading zones between 7:20 AM and 3:35 PM. In addition to loading times at the beginning and end of the day, there are special needs routes that run throughout the day.

Bus schedules are as follows:

Morning Bus Schedule
Time Details
7:20-7:30 2 buses arrive Weston Middle School  then Depart 7:35 for Athena
7:20-7:30 3 buses arrive Athena Elementary School drop off students and then go to the High School
7:35 3 buses depart from High School for Weston Middle School
7:45 Buses from Athena arrive at Weston Middle School 
7:45 Buses from Weston arrive at Athena Elementary and High School
Afternoon Bus Schedule
Arrive Time Depart Location
2:40 2:50 5 Buses arrive Athena Elementary
2:55 3:00 Arrive at High School
3:07 3:15 Arrive Middle School
3:20 3:25 3 Buses go back to the High School and drop off Athena Middle School Students

Safety of all students is the number one goal of the Athena-Weston School District Transportation Team and the community’s cooperation helping keep our students safe is greatly appreciated. 

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