Bus Routes & Shuttles

Morning Bus Route Schedule

Route Name Route 1st Stop Time Driver
Mountain Route HWY 204 Cold Springs Loop 6:52 AM  
Wildhorse/Pine Creek Route Wildhorse Rd. 6:48 AM Cliff Culley
Athena Rural Route Main Street, Adams 6:59 AM Tanya Papineau
Lower River/Adams Route N. Cayuse R. 6:34 AM Julie Schroeder
Upper River Route Bingham Rd. 6:40 AM Cathy Zimmerman

Printable Schedules

For student safety, exact addresses are not listed. Please contact Julie Schroeder at julie.schroederatathwestsd.org or 541-566-3555 if you have specific questions about pick up locations.

Shuttle Bus Schedule - Morning

From Athena to Weston Departs WMHS 7:35 AM
From Weston to Athena Departs WMS 7:35 AM

Shuttle Bus Schedule - Afternoon

Route School Ends Shuttle Departs
From Athena Elementary to Weston-McEwen High School 2:50 PM AES 2:55 PM
From Weston-McEwen High School to Weston Middle School 2:55 PM WMHS 3:05 PM
From Weston Middle School to Weston-McEwen High School 3:15 PM NA