2016 Bond Passes

Thank You

The Athena-Weston School District would like to thank our communities for their support of the 2016 School Bond!

Our bond measure would not have passed without the support of parents, community members, both employee associations, and the Citizens for Athena-Weston Schools Committee.

Over the next couple of years, the District will complete the projects outlined in the bond measure. The District will also create an oversight committee to ensure the $8,000,000 is spent on the proposed projects approved by voters. This committee will also be responsible for giving regular reports to the Board of Directors and the citizens of Athena and Weston. Keep up to date with bond progress via the 2016 Bond Information page on this website.

From the superintendent:

I am very thankful the voters in Weston and Athena supported our bond measure. With 77% of the voters supporting our bond measure, it is clear community members take great pride in supporting our students, our schools and our communities. I would like to commend the Board of Director for their courage to place our bond measure on the May ballot to address the needs of the District.

Way To Go TigerScots !!! 

Jim Reger
Interim Superintendent

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