Elliott Fund Information

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The following is available to school children in the Athena-Weston School District, especially those in grades K – 5. There is a fund available to people in need in the Athena-Weston area. This money comes from the Charles Elliott Trust. Mr. Elliott was a prominent Weston Citizen for about 18 years, from 1943-1961. He owned and operated a hardware, clothing and grocery store where the Long Branch Restaurant is today. Mr. Elliott was very interested in the welfare of children. He donated the Elliott Memorial Park to the city of Weston as a memorial to his wife. When Mr. Elliott died December 23, 1961, at 81 years of age, his will included monies to be used for children in our area.

Mr. Elliott wished for some funds to be used for less fortunate children around Christmas and this year the Elliott fund will also be used to meet needs at the beginning of the school year.


We will have some backpacks and some school supplies on hand at the Weston Middle School and Athena Elementary School on the first day of school. We will visit with office staffs and teachers to find out the needs in their classrooms.

Feel free to call one of us below if you have questions or have a significant need at the beginning of school.

  • Edith Lieuallen 541-566-3388 52802 Pine Creek Rd., Weston, OR 97886
  • Pattie Reinhart 541-566-2371 54309 Wildhorse Rd., Weston, OR 97886 pattiereinhartatgmail.com
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